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Miss Burundi Arizona 2022: Anny-Cynthia Habonimana

My name is Anny-Cynthia Habonimana, and I am representing the land of honey and milk, the home of royal drummers, the heart of Africa, Burundi! I grew up in Bujumbura, the capital of Burundi, where I completed my high school studies. Both of my parents worked hard to create a home where I could flourish and become the person I am today. Currently, I am pursuing a Master’s degree in Business Analytics at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona.

Through this cultural pageant, I will be sharing the beauty and richness of the Burundian culture. The map of Burundi is uniquely shaped like a heart. Did you know that the source of the Nile River is found in Burundi? The Nile flows through ten African countries and is a pillar of the great civilization of Egypt. Burundi also borders Lake Tanganyika, the longest freshwater lake in the world. Lake Tanganyika is an ancient lake and an essential resource for biology studies.

I hope to highlight the mission of Miss Africa Arizona and encourage the youth to pursue their talents and contribute to the growth of Africa. As I have a background in computer science, my focus will be on training 50 women with digital skills which can be used to share their talents and ventures with the world.

This pageant is hosted in the beautiful state of Arizona. I will also be sharing my appreciation for the stunning landscapes, majestic canyons, and unique beauty found in Arizona. For leisure, I enjoy exploring Arizona with my friends and family. This year, I plan to visit more lakes in Arizona and share my trips through videography.

I also love the art and social dancing scene in Phoenix. Dance is a fun and creative way to share my emotions and express myself. I have learned about unique cultures from Spain, Cuba, Argentina, and Brazil through social dancing. I also enjoy raising awareness for protecting the environment. I volunteer at the Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix, a place of beauty for meditation, contemplation, and tranquility.