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Miss DR Congo Arizona 2022: Dorcas

My name is Dorcas. I’m representing my beautiful country best known for rich mineral resources, well known for best dancing steps, and has the deepest river in the world, DR Congo. I was born in DR Congo where French and Swahili were my first languages. I lived in Congo for 8 years with my family. My family and I moved to Kenya where I spent half of my childhood. I went to school in Kenya where I first start learning English as my second language. I later moved to the United States with my family and started school. Currently, I’m doing my associate degree
in business. I’m a full-time student and also work a full-time job.

During this pageant, I will be sharing more about my country that most people would want to know about. Some people might have heard some basic stuff but I want to give a chance to those Congolese and non-Congolese people who didn’t get to know anything about DR Congo to get to know more. Like; DR Congo holds the deepest and second-largest river in the world, the Congo River. I hope that apart from sharing about my country and culture people will get to know more about what like to do and what I don’t like to do. Some important parts of my life are that I have my two nieces, Neveah and Coco. I consider them more important to me because I get to spend 1/4 of my day with them. I’m more like a mother to them and they are everything I wish for.