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Fatima Ndoye – Miss Senegal Arizona 2020

Fatima Ndoye is currently attending the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona studying her undergrad in Bachelors of Science in Nursing with a minor in Global Health. She hopes to eventually become a Pediatrician and travel the world to help heal children in need all around. Fatima has had a passion for children her entire life, hence why she currently works part time at a local preschool. Aside from going to school full time, and working part time, Fatima loves to be very involved in extracurricular activities and volunteering opportunities.

She is currently a member of the African American Student Association on campus, which encourages students of color to use their voices to achieve anything academically, socially, and professionally. Fatima also works with a non profit organization called The Forgotten Children which helps the talibes (street children) in Senegal.