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Miss Kenya Arizona 2022:

My name is Joanne. I am a psychology major and biological science Minor at ASU. I am graduating this semester. My major hobby is swimming but I also like DJing and watching Netflix. Something unique about me is I am from Nairobi Kenya and I was born and raised there. I moved here about four years ago to start college and now I’m graduating. I can also dj really well and have been a club dj for the past year. My career aspirations however are to get into grad school and get a master’s in clinical psychology. I love doing research and Coming to ASU has been a great blessing. I plan on going back soon to visit but I’ve fully relocated to the USA. I currently live in Mesa Arizona. I have my own African accessories business where I sell African Maasai shoes, Maasai Shukas (blankets and fabric) and Jewelry. My passion lies in financial litracy.” Of the African people. Growing up in Kenya I saw how my parents struggled with putting food on the table while they slaved away at a 9-5 everyday.

School fees was a problem and I wish they had a group of other financial literate Kenyans who could help them get into these gatekeeped spaces.