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Miss Burundi Arizona 2021: Peace Karorero

Peace Karorero was born in Burundi during a time when there was a lot of political and ethnic tension. Due to the civil war, Peace and her family of four fled to neighboring Tanzania at the tender age of one before she and her family’s relocated to Arizona in December 1998 as a two-year-old. Although she has lived in the U.S. most of her life, she was raised in a Burundian household where the Burundian culture and values were always present in her life. Her childhood and her family’s story of survival has always given her a mindset of resilience. Peace is a compassionate person who loves traveling, learning, as well as serving people and God. She recently graduated from Cottey College in Nevada, Missouri with a degree in Health Sciences and 3 minors: Chemistry, French, and Women, Gender, & Sexuality studies. While in Missouri, she was active in clubs and often volunteered at the local women’s shelter, her school’s chapel services, and the multicultural festivals.

Peace is an aspiring physician who hopes to expand health equity in the U.S. and abroad. She is passionate about helping others in any way she can: emotionally, academically, spiritually, etc. Some of her passions include serving children, women, and other marginalized populations. She is currently a Hospice volunteer and has volunteered her time serving the Burundian community both in Arizona and Burundi working with organizations such as BAHO (Burundi-Arizona Heritage Organization) for several events and BFI (Burundi Friends International) for a summer workshop in 2019. Peace has had the privilege to travel to 10 countries in 3 years where she was able to learn a lot about herself and people from different cultures. Peace aims to be used by God to spread her seeds of Peace everywhere she goes, primarily Burundi where she hopes she can serve her people and implement positive, lasting change. This is why Peace wants to use her platform to not only support the health and education of Burundi’s youth but to also encourage them to nourish their talents.