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Miss Tanzania 2022: Fatuma Osman

Fatuma grew up in a small little town near Mambasa, Kenya. During which time, she has made visits to her mother’s homeland of Somalia and her father’s home country of Tanzania. After spending a small amount of time in a refugee camp, she and her family made the trip over to America in 2005. One of the biggest takeaways she’s had from her childhood is the value of staying true to her roots.
In her free time she enjoys practicing music, painting and tiktoking like there’s no tomorrow.
Ever since she was a young child Fatuma’s passions have included the study of space exploration and the universe. But after attending a law day event at the Sandra Day O’Connor School of Law, she has decided to pursue a degree in corporate law instead.
Currently, Ms. Osman is taking a gap year from ASU to pursue a career in insurance with the high hopes of continuing her law education Next year.
One of Ms. Osman’s goals for her future is to open up a business that will one day revolutionize the modern way of living. Her drive to constantly innovate the quality of life for those around her keeps her hopes high for a better tomorrow.